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Car Detailing Products

Designed, developed & trusted by professionals

Auto Finesse have been detailing cars since 1999 and the latest progression for the company has been the new line of detailing products brought to the market in 2011, from hand made car wax and gentle but effective car cleaning solutions designed & developed through our experience as professional detailing experts over the past 15 years. All of these have been formulated with quality, usability and effectiveness as the main criteria for each and every product, testing within our in-house detailing workshops and real world detailing situations we have created what we believe to be the very best detailing products specifically for detailers, by detailers.

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The Ultimate Drying Towel

Drying your car quickly, easily and most importantly without causing swirl marks and scratches isn’t easy, the days of the chamois are over and microfibre is the way forward no doubt about that but not all microfibre drying towels are equal. That’s why we set to work on the development of the Aqua Deluxe drying […]

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Players Classic 2015

Goodwood race circuit and paddocks, Players and Airlift event, that can only mean one thing, yep it’s Players Classic again. We all know this is a show that doesn’t disappoint and always leaves you smiling after the show. With live track action, show and shine, food and drink and a great day out its one […]

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Share ‘N’ Shine

Share your shine for a chance to win a years supply of Auto Finesse detailing products! Get involved in our online show n shine where we are giving away a years supply of Auto Finesse detailing products each month, simply upload and submit the best picture of your car with its shine on to be featured on our website and be in with a chance of winning the lot. click here to visit our Share ‘N’ Shine gallery and submit your photo using the form provided.

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Detailing products

We have created a full range of car detailing products through our own knowledge and experience in the automotive detailing industry. As professional detailers since 1999 we have been using car care products day in day out in varying conditions on an array of cars, this has not only given us a great insight to what products need to do and how, it has also given us a greater understanding from a customers point of view as to what makes good detailing products. For us its three simple things, usability, effectiveness & quality, so we ensure every one of our detailing products reflect these qualities.

Car care products

Our range of car detailing products spans from high quality, effective Ph neutral car shampoo, to car polish, glazes, finishing sprays & hand crafted natural car wax, all developed by Auto Finesse, to give you maximum performance you know you can rely on.

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Car shampoos & cleaners

Our range of car shampoo and exterior car cleaning products have been developed to be gentle but effective at cleaning and removing contaminates from car paintwork and exterior surfaces. Whether it be a routine weekly car wash, or a one off deep clean, the right car care products can make the job easy, from Ph balanced car shampoo to de-ironising contamination and iron fallout removers like Iron Out and our unique car wax and sealant safe pre wash car cleaner Citrus Power or our snow foam, foaming pre-wash Avalanche.

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Wheel & tyre care

We have produced a range of wheel and tyre care products, wheel wax and dressings designed to clean, care & protect all types of wheel finishes. Imperial wheel cleaner is an acid free formula that can be used regularly to clean anything from standard alloy wheels, to chrome, wires, or even anodised finishes. Mint Rims wheel wax has been specially formulated to handle the extreme temperatures wheels are subject to, providing a protective barrier against brake dust and road grime. Now all thats left is to top it off by dressing the tyres, you have a choice, our Satin gel or Gloss spray, what will it be.

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Car polish & preparation

The key to good looking paintwork is all in the preparation, our range of car polish and glazes have been developed to help you get the best from your paintwork, whether it be a car polish thats quick and easy to produce amazing results, or a task specific pre cleanser to proceded your favourite car wax or paint sealant. Tripple all in one car polish is one of the favourites among our customers for its incredibly easy to use nature and stunning results achieved in one application, cleaning, polishing and protecting in one step. Rejuvenate is a pure pre cleansing car polish designed to create the perfect base for a Carnauba wax. Tough Prep is a first of its kind, pre cleanser car polish designed specifically to be used in conjunction with a paint sealants.

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Car waxes & sealants

Our range of hand made car wax and paint sealants has been developed to provide your cars paintwork with long lasting shine and protection. The range contains different variants of hard and soft waxes, each specifically tailored to different colours (light & dark) or type (metallic and solid colour) making it simple to chose the correct car wax for your cars finish. They all contain high grade T1 Carnauba wax as well as a blend of other natural waxes & oils to nourish and protect paintwork. The common misconception of car wax is that it creates a finish, whilst a good quality car wax can add something to a finish, creating it is done in the previous stage by using a high quality car polish or pre wax cleanser. Waxes are designed to provide long lasting protection for that finish and help make maintaining your cars finish easier.

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Finishing & dressing

It’s the finishing detailing products that make it. We have created a range of finishing sprays, glass cleaners and trim dressing products to help you take your cars finish to the next level. Our glass cleaner Crystal is a fast acting solvent based glass spray that effortlessly creates a smear free finish in seconds, Revive trim dressing turns any trim back to as new condition with out streaking or leaving an oily finish. Mercury metal polish cleans, polishes and protects metal surfaces such as trim and tail pipes, the Finale detail spray is for that finishing touch after a wash or detail, containing the same T1 grade Carnauba wax as in our car wax range.

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Interior car care

You spend most of your time inside your car so its an important part to detail, our range of cleaners, conditioners and detailers make the cockpit a nicer place to be. Total is our interior APC, perfect for cleaning, plastics fabric, carpets & more, the Hide range consist of Hide cleaner and Hide conditioner to care for your leather upholstery and Spritz is an interior detailer with added UV protection from its UV absorbers.

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A network of detailers

Here at Auto Finesse we have provided high quality detailing services to our local area for many years. We are now delighted to share with you a wider network of individuals & small businesses that can also provide you with services of the same high standards, using the Auto Finesse range of car detailing products.

A network of quality professionals

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