Worthersee 2019

Wörthersee 2019

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Final Day:

To bring Wörthersee to a close we did three final photoshoots with some of our favourite cars from this year. We chose these cars because they had the right stance, build and originality we were looking for.

Impromptu Photoshoot

HP Drive Tech

After a hectic few days, we took a trip to HP Drive Tech to check out what they have to offer and see how their suspension components are designed and manufactured.

Swiss Box Meet

We headed to the Swiss Box meet today to check out some cool cars and meet some new people!

Velden Night Life

In the evening went to another XS Car Nights meet but unfortunately, the police shut it down after 10 minutes… So we just went back to Valden for another evening.

Alpine Strass

From all the excitement of Xs Car Night, we took today a bit slower and easier… We were meant to be attending a MK2 meet but unfortunately got stuck in 6hours of Wörthersee traffic and missed it. We also tried to go to the ILB Driver Club meet half way up, Alpine Strass but by the time we got there it was packed, so we just continued to the top and did an impromptu photo shoot on the Racecar!

Xs Car Night

To kick off our Wörthersee Tour we attended the coveted XS Car Night. It was also the official release of the new AF Racecar in Europe! We had a great time and as always the cars were unreal! Huge thanks to XS for having us!

Reifnitz & Valden, Wöthersee

We have arrived! After making great time, with no hiccups, we are now soaking up everything Wörthersee has to offer. Today we explored Reifnitz and Valden at night, saw some awesome cars and relaxed in preparation for our week to kick off!

Porsche Museum:

Before setting off for the second day of travelling, we took a trip to the historic Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

T-Minus 0 Days:

Todays the day! The 2019 Wörthersee Tour starts now, as we set off for Folkestone then onto our midway stop in Stuttgart, Germany.

T-Minus 1 Days:

Prep Day – All our vans have been prepped, washed and loaded ready for departure tomorrow. Join our team as we embark on the Auto Finesse Wörthersee Tour 2019!

T-Minus 2 Days:

Livery Day – This year we pulled out all of the stops in order to make the AF fleet look the part. We got the recovery truck wrapped in an identical livery to our race car, plus the Porsche got a sweet martini inspired AF race livery. Massive thanks to Identity Wraps for pulling it off!

To follow our team throughout the Wörthersee tour check back daily for updates!