Wheel Wax

For most, the concept of a specific wheel wax or wheel sealant is new, however it’s a vital to use a wheel wax if you want minimal maintenance in the future when cleaning your wheels. Auto Finesse Mint Rims wheel wax has been designed specifically to withstand the temperatures that wheels are subjected to from heat transfer of the braking systems. Most normal bodywork car wax would drop back and fail early on wheels, this is due to the low melting point of the base raw ingredients in carnauba wax. However Mint Rims wheel wax has been developed using products with a much higher melting point, in turn allowing them to withstand the heat your wheels are subject to and offer longer protection. This higher melting point of Mint Rims wheel sealant ensures that it stands up to even the harshest of track driving. This key attribute means that Mint Rims wheel sealant will also work on painted brake callipers and even engine bays.

Using a Wheel wax

wheel wax

The protection left by a dedicated wheel wax has many advantages:

Firstly a high temperature wheel wax such as Mint Rims wheel sealant will create a strong barrier from road grime and brake dust. Often road grime, brake dust and road tar can become bonded to your wheels finish. Although a wheel wax will not stop the brake dust from landing onto your wheel, a wheel sealant it will reduce the amount that can bond to your wheels surface.

As Mint Rims wheel sealant protects your wheels from heavy contaminates, its strong barrier will ensure your wheels are easier to clean. Mint Rims wheel sealant will remove the need for a heavy acidic wheel cleaner or dedicated contaminate or fallout remover such as Iron Out. This means that in most cases a good mixture of a pH neutral car shampoo such as Lather will be enough to release any loose dirt that is on your wheel surface. However if you wheel does become really dirty it may be necessary to use a acid free wheel cleaner such as Imperial to release any heavy dirt.

Lastly Mint Rims wheel wax will enhance the finish of your wheels, whether they are powder coated, painted or even polished. As with any of our waxes from our range of luxury car wax its best to properly prepare you wheel prior to applying your wheel wax, wheel sealant. A layer of Tripple all in one car polish is recommend to ensure that your layer of Mint Rims wheel wax looks its best whilst fully bonding to your wheels surface.

Using a wheel sealant

As with any car wax, preparation is key when using a wheel wax.

Start by ensuring that your wheel is fully clean prior to application of a wheel wax. For a deep clean we turn to a dedicated contaminate or fallout remover such as Iron Out. Iron Out is an iron contaminate remover that works wonder on wheels as it attacks any brake on brake dust.

Start by rinsing away any loose grime from your wheels with a pressure washer or hose pipe. Next spray the wheel with Iron Out and allow dwelling. You will now see Iron Out working as your wheel turns purple. After one or two minutes, rinse the brake dust off and repeat the process if necessary.

Wheel sealant

Once your wheel is clean and dry its recommend that you polish the surface to cleanse your wheel further. An all in one car polish or pre-wax cleanser will help ensure that your wheel is ready for a layer of Mint Rims wheel wax. Also polishing the surface prior a layer of wheel sealant will enhance the gloss level left by Mint Rims.

Apply your wheel wax using a soft foam applicator. Swipe a small amount of your wheel wax onto the applicator and slowly massage into the surface of the wheel. If possible be sure to add wax to the wheel barrel and also behind the spokes. This will help minimise the build up of any heavy contaminates. After your wheel wax has hardened over remove the residue of the wheel sealant with a fresh microfiber cloth.

Wheel wax