New & Improved Imperial

Neglected alloy wheels with caked on brake dust can be a problem where car shampoo just isn’t enough, this is the reason we created Auto Finesse Imperial acid free wheel cleaner in the first place. A powerful blend of cleaning agents and degreasers, Imperial wheel cleaner will start to separate the brake dust and road grime from the wheels on contact.

Although a well established product in our range of car care products, we have made a few tweaks to Imperial‘s formula to make it more effective when cleaning your wheels. The three main changes that we made were; Imperial‘s foaming rate when agitated, its ability to cling for longer and its overall cleaning power, whilst remaining safe on all wheel types, from painted to polished split rims.

Assessing the surface:

Before you start cleaning with the new and improved Imperial formula we recommend that you assess your wheels to help determine the approach you will take. Although this is a small step that is often over looked this could help save you a lot of product when it comes to dilution ratios if you are using the concentrate version. Here we are working on a wheel that hasn’t been cleaned in a month and has seen a lot of road grime, brake dust, sun and rain from motorway and rural driving. For this wheel we used the ready to use Imperial wheel cleaner, however if we were using the concentrate we would use a dilution ratio of 1:9 (Imperial : water).

Imperial wheel cleaner

Spray and rinse:

With the new and improved Imperial formula we have developed its ability to cling to dirt for longer. This means that for the weekly car wash where your wheels aren’t too dirty you can perform a touch-less wash.

As soon as you spray the improved Imperial formula onto your wheel you will see Imperial wheel cleaner start to separate the contamination that is sitting on the surface, this will also show off its abilities to cling for longer. This longer cling time will intern mean the cleaning and degreasing surfactants in Imperial are held in contact with the dirt and brake dust longer, making them more effective.

Imperial wheel cleaner

Imperial wheel cleaner

Once you have allowed the product to dwell on your wheels it’s time to rinse away the dirt and contaminates that were on them. Simply grab a pressure washer or garden hose with a spray attachment and rinse away the dirt. Dependant on how dirty your wheels are this could be the last stage on your wheels. The improved cleaning power and clinging abilities are what makes Imperial wheel cleaner perfect for those quick and simple weekly washes.

Imperial wheel cleaner


If your wheel needs a little more attention or your car is under going a full detail it may be time to grab your Detailing Brushes to agitate any last grime and dirt away from your wheel.

Here you will see Imperial‘s next improvement, its higher foaming rate.

After much feedback we found that you wanted to see a higher foaming rate from Imperial wheel cleaner, and in this new improved formula we believe we have achieved just that. Even after a long dwell time where most wheel cleaners would go flat, Imperial wheel cleaner will still easily foam up and carry away any dirt or contaminates from your wheels surface.

Imperial wheel cleaner

Don’t forget your tyres:

Although Imperial is regarded as a dedicated alloy wheel cleaner it can also clean your tyres with ease, removing any old tyre dressings and road grime in the process. Simply spray Imperial onto your tyres and agitate any dirt away with a Detailing Brush. Once rinsed away you will be left with a clean base to lay down a tyre dressing such as Satin or Gloss.

The use of Imperial as a wheel and tyre cleaner means that you will not have to lug around two or three detailing products as you will have one that does both jobs.

Imperial wheel cleaner

Once both your wheels and tyres are clean and dry you will be left with a spotless wheel perfect for sealing with a quick layer of Mint Rims wheel wax.

Imperial wheel cleaner

These changes make Imperial wheel cleaner a must have in any detailers kit bag, both the professional and enthusiast alike.