We visit Plush Automotive

If you’ve not heard of Plush Automotive, then get out! Get out now! Seriously, Plush are well known in the car community for building some of the best UK builds and have the reputation as one of the best aftermarket car builders in the UK, and are continually gaining clients from Europe and even the USA.

Tell us about Plush Automotive?

I (Luke Massey) started Plush Automotive on my own back in 2006, but now there’s four of us. We started in doing interior work and car audio and around seven years ago went into air ride, securing distribution of great brands such as Airlift, AirREX and AccuAir. Our moto is ‘do what you love, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise’, which is something that has grown our reputation in the market.

What’re your most popular services?

Air ride is by far the most popular offering we do – it’s about 90% of our business. I guess it’s because it’s the quickest job – we can turnaround two full set-ups a week. A re-trim takes so long, because it’s just me (Luke) doing it. Although, we’ve just employed a new administration / we guy to free up some time, so turnaround on these should improve. We currently only take on interior work that people don’t have a time limit on.

Tell us about your cars?

Well, I run an Audi RS6 on AccuAir, with e-Level management. It also sits on Rotiform 21-inch splits. Oh, and there’s loads of Carbon Fibre – it’s on the front end, the roof, the tail gate, in the interior – everywhere, really! Mike has a lowered Mk6 Jetta and Mitch runs a bagged 3-Series BMW. Scott is the only sensible one that doesn’t have a lowered car.

We’ve also got a T6 Transporter arriving in a couple of weeks, which will be our demo vehicle for the new air ride kits we designed and announced just before Christmas. We currently only have kits for a Volkswagen T6, but we plan on developing more variants for other platforms this year. The new air ride is called ABP ‘Air by Plush’, and we’re pleased to say we’ve already sold 12 kits. The T6 will also be a demo for the other stuff that we do here, so it’ll feature a full re-trim and the most up-to-date audio system.

What’re your favourite shows to attend?

Personally, my favourite UK show is Ultimate Dubs, it gives us chance to see all the people we’ve not seen over Christmas, as it’s the first proper show of the season. It’s also cool to see all the new builds coming through and what people have been working on through the winter. And anything European is always good. Just because the road trip involved is an excuse to get out of the shop and not feel like we’re always working. MIVW and Worthersee are a couple of our favourites.

Favourite AF products?

Generally, customers pick the cars up as they’ve left them, but we sometimes snow foam them with Auto Finesse Avalanche, if they’re happy with that. When we do use products, we use all of the Auto Finesse stuff, but our favourites have got to be Lather pH neutral car shampoo, Tripple all-in-one polish, Avalanche Snow Foam, ObliTARate glue and tar remover.

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