VolksWorld – Air-cooled Finesse (Fuchs Everywhere)

VolksWorld is a show we have been meaning to get down to for some years now, it just exudes excellence in every build that comes through the doors of the Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher, Surrey. We love the classics, you should know this from our own personal builds, so we had to go along to the massive weekend event and see what its all about. 

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Arriving at the venue we are instantly greeted by some charming motors situated in the general parking area, from Volkswagens to american low riders, it just show’s everybody loves a classic air-cooled VW. As we drove up the path we were greeted by this funky CoolFlo clothing VW Bus right in front of the venue. 

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One car we are used to seeing at some shows from last year is Jake Hilling’s slammed Beetle with a pastel blue and white combo, this is such an awesome build.

 photo J41A0108.jpg

This Type 3 Notchback was screaming horse power and wheelie’s! It was packing some serious power, clearly built for drag strip abuse, it’s fair to say it turn a lot of heads over the weekend!

 photo J41A0111.jpg

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As you can imagine there are a fair few buses at air-cooled shows so its hard to stand out, quite a few companies use these vehicles as promotion tools making it a great build to grab attention and be different. For example this Supernova Custom Surfboards bus is an awesome design and grabbed our attention situated in a great location at the venue.

 photo J41A0114.jpg

The halls that are usually used to parade horses were filled with show winning quality Karmann Ghia’s of all varieties, these are a few of our favourites, some quality paint work and craftsmanship has gone into these builds. 

 photo J41A0115.jpg

This sparkling blue Beetle took pride of place in the halls on a retro style rotating stand for all to admire the paintwork and quality of this car, that has been meticulously looked after and is a true beauty!

 photo J41A0116.jpg

The outside stands were just as attractive as the cars inside, maybe better. With the grand stand towering in the background it was the cars that were being admired from near and far.

 photo J41A0142.jpg

One car that has caused some serious controversy is Pipey McGraw’s Rotary powered MK1 golf, yes this car is static, its mental and we love it! The engine is pulled out of a MK1 RX7, the car has so much custom work and fabrication!

 photo J41A0133.jpg

 photo J41A0135.jpg

There were some awesome Porsches on display as well, some pristine some patina’d which gave a nice diversity to the cars, showing the different paths you can go down with projects. These two outside really caught our eye.

 photo J41A0159.jpg

 photo J41A0141.jpg

This bus build caught our eye, sitting pretty in front of the stands. It was different to the normal style we are used to seeing with some cool touches throughout, the bus was built by air-cooled god Evil Ben’s down in Cornwall.

 photo J41A0145.jpg

As usual at air-cooled events it had a lot of buses and beetles, but the quality of each one was on another level, great paint, fitment, stance and interior’s whether it was immaculate or patina’d. Here are a selection from the club stands.

 photo J41A0154.jpg

 photo J41A0152.jpg

The other outdoor area next to the parade ring was filled with more Air-cooled porn. Some of our favourites from the show were around this ring. The first build that caught our eye is this Volkswagen Jurgens Autovilla, with metal attached living quarters in the rear. It looks awesome with CoolFlo livery and decked on floor.

 photo J41A0192.jpg

The car of the show from us has to be this ultra rare Rometsch Lawrence Coupe from 1958, around 50 of these beauties were built, only 30 now live on unfortunately. Built on a VW pan and running gear this example has had a massive rebuild by its owner Adam Townley, he had it shipped all the way from the states. It’s a true unicorn car and looks great with the natural patina dropped on the ever so popular Fuch’s.

 photo J41A0200.jpg

We had a great weekend at the show and really enjoyed meeting everybody that came to say “hello.” The quality of the car’s was great even if the weather wasn’t playing ball everybody enjoyed themselves and didn’t let it spoil the show atmosphere! 

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