We talk detailing with Type-2 Detectives

There are plenty of brands we’ve heard of in the car scene, but do you really know anything about them? Well, we sat down for a brew with Volkswagen specialists Type 2 Detectives to see what they’re all about:


Q: Who are Type 2 Detectives?

Type 2 Detectives is one of the UK’s best air-cooled classic specialists. It was founded in 2004 to explore the possibilities of updating and enhancing the humble Volkswagen. We undertake all manner of servicing, repairs and restoration. And, we also specialise in suspension and mechanical upgrades for both safety and performance. Both Paul Medhurst (founder) and Mark Fulton (co-owner), along with the rest of the Type 2 Detectives team, are passionate and dedicated to the preservation of one the world’s most iconic vehicles, by using modern techniques and fresh perspectives.


Q: Tell us about your cars?

We are extremely fortunate to work with some outstanding cars. Building vehicles to individual specifications for customers all over the world means that we can help turn ideas and visions into reality. Of course, we have a broad selection of classic air-cooled vehicles, as well as more modern stuff that we own privately. This selection includes low and light Karmann Ghias, Beetles, Splitscreen buses, 911s and good old Golfs. All our motors have a common theme of being uprated in some capacity, be it for performance, safety, or in most cases both! We even have our very own Type 2 Detectives show room in Cambridge, where we consistently have a great range of air-cooled classics on sale.


Q: Do you see yourself branching out into any other scene, make or model?

There are some amazing makes and models that help pump our enthusiast blood, but air-cooled Volkswagens and Porsches are where our true passion lies.


Q: How do you maintain your vehicles?

We have fantastic in-house workshop facilities. Not only do we have an awesome in-house detailing team, we also have subcontractors from trusted specialists that we’ve built rapports with over a number of years. These people are either based in-house or come subcontracted We only let people we trust anywhere near our cars! Every aspect of the maintenance of our cars can be covered from everyday upkeep, to metalwork, paint, trim-work, engine, and suspension modifications.


Q: Do you have any top tips on maintaining an aspect of a car and what are your top/favourite products to use?

Always rinse the car off with a hose before you start washing, and wash it regularly!! We cannot highlight the importance of regular washing enough. We understand it’s winter at the moment and you don’t want to go outside to wash your car – bear in mind, this is the busiest time for those swirl-mark inflicting pop-up car washes – there’s one in every town! – but, get out there and give your beloved motor a wash. Even if it’s a snow foam and a quick mitt-down, it’ll help a lot to prevent contaminants settling on your paint, left to fester, and essentially doing more damage in the long run.
Another tip would be, be careful what you wear when you’re detailing a car. It might sound stupid, but the number of people we see in hoodies with heavy zips dragging along paintwork while they’re detailing their car is ridiculous. It’s the most basic of things! Wear something that’s not going to fall on the paint as you’re leaning over it. Try not to wear anything with patches either, the edges will drag along the paint. Even the finest of scratches are not the one. We all know about those Telford lights at Ultimate Dubs and Ultimate Stance – unforgiving! Plus, if you’re making the effort of detailing your car, undoing it by wearing the wrong clothes is counter-productive.


Q: What are your favourite products to use on your fleet?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo and Illusion Show car wax are the best products we’ve ever used. The shampoo is strong enough to remove some of the most stubborn of dirt, while being gentle enough on any paint type. And the show car wax helps to protect the paint, while giving a show-status shine. They’re the duo we can’t do without in our detailing kit!


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