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Car Show Prep & Mainanance

If you were to ask my girlfriend, she would say I spend 6 hours washing a car that should take 30 minutes when we should be out shopping for handbags. To you or I, however, my usual washing process before a show would be: Pre-wash > rinse > wash > rinse > dry > polish > wax > windows > wheels > tyre dressing. As the famous saying goes, look after your car and it will look after you. It’s so true! Don’t fail to service the car, MOT it, regular oil and tyre checks are all part of the fortnightly routine, and I’m as good with an engine as a chimp is with a fillet steak.

Servicing your car more regularly than required may be more expensive, but definitely worth while in the long run. General checks will help you plan to know when things need changing – e.g. if your tyres are starting to run low, you can prepare – you know you have X amount of weeks to get them changed. Don’t leave it to the last minute!

Car history

It started off life on December 12th 2009 as a 2.0 VW Scirocco TDi. Since ownership in 2014, it has had many different looks – currently running the ever so popular Airlift Performance and Rotiform TMB (Custom finished in BMW Satin Grey) combination, with 3P Management from CarAudioSecurity

It has had a full exterior 2016 Scirocco R facelift upgrade – including a new XenonzUK front bumper, genuine wings, genuine rear bumper, genuine tailgate and LED tail lights. I’ve also fitted R line side skirts, a 2016 MK7 Golf R steering wheel, window tints, interior blinds and other small subtle modifications – I’m all about the OEM+ look.

The car also benefits from a few custom pieces, including a Carbon spoiler with extended lip by C6 Carbon, a full carbon interior dash upgrade by Total Custom UK (including all dash pieces, dashboard ends, door card trims and centre console trims) and a custom 3P controller mount by RTA Fabrication.

Future modifications include a full respray and engine swap too – I’d love a W12 or R32 lump but I’ve just bought my first home so this may be a little while down the line…!

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