The Summer Additions

Power Seal – Machine sealant

Power seal is for use by DA or rotary polisher, applying to a pannel at a time (as you would if glazing by machine seem the optimal way to use, but its quite a forgiving and easy product to get on with so you may find your own ways to use it. The durability is phenomenal (we don’t want to quote figures but its something else even by our standards) and the finish is honestly something different for sure when applied via machine, its a fully synthetic sealant with UV absorbers (to help protect against aging and fading (especially useful on solid paint types) Its not a “nono” “crystal” or “ceramic” product, what we wanted to do is make long lasting protection a reality for everyone.

Tough Prep – Pre sealant cleanser

A bit of thinking outside the box this one, and a fast realisation that no one actually makes a “pre sealant cleanser” so we aim to please, and go for a paint cleanser that just leave a clean surface, with more and more people turning to an ipa or solvent wipe down maybe it was time for an alternative, Tough prep is just that, developed to produce the perfect base for any of our sealants and the ideal partner to Tough coat.

Temptation – Carnauba soft wax

A proper hand made carnauba wax for under £25.00, aimed at those new to hard waxes we wanted to make an easy to use “soft car wax” and here it is, Temptation is a blend of waxes that spreads easily in a thin film, and can be applied to the entire vehicle before removal (the prefered method of application for many) durability is comfortably a couple of months and whilst its not quite that of the others in the range its quite a capable car wax at this price point and the beading (the important part for many here) is quite something.

Glide – Clay lube

A clay lube, whilst there is not really much to get excited about with a clay lube its certainly a worth while addition to the range, for those who maybe clay just there own cars once or twice a year this is ideal, a very slick solution to help prevent marring during the clayy decontamination stage, and it smells like bubblegum, what more could you ask for.

Satin – Control finish tyre gel

Gel, spray, matte finish, natural finish, gloss finish, everyone seems to like a different finish on there tyres, so we try to hand the control over the you the user, this gel formular is a bit different to what you maybe used to, the application is as effortless as a liquid, but without the mess, it will search and coat all the contours and gaps without the need to scrub it in and whats more it really does last, and best of all you control the finish, initial application will leave your tyre looking like new, second gives a satin sheen and third dripping wet gloss look.

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