The NEC Classic 2016

On a weekend of remembrance to all those who have fallen fighting to save this magnificent country, millions of classic car enthusiasts left there homes with their destination set to the NEC Classic Car Show in Birmingham. Spread over a three day period and engulfing five halls of the exhibition centre the Classic Car Show was certainly a great way for us to end the year.
Walking through the main doors of the arena we were greeted by this stunning Vauxhall Cresta in a complementing shade of salmon pink.


Everybody was put at ease when stepping foot inside, the police were in attendance in this fantastic Morris Minor.


Although there were greater forces in attendance when Darth Vader, a Rebel Pilot and a Storm Trooper walked by.


The BMW Car Club had an awesome stand as usual, with some immaculate Bavarian beauties basking on their carpets.


In the first hall a selection of race inspired Ferraris had been assembled in a race start style display.


If you love american hot rods then you’ll love some of the gems that were spread throughout the halls at the Classic Car Show.


One surreal moment which happened on the Sunday of the show, Remembrance Sunday, thousands of visitors stood motionless as the bells chimed for the two minutes silence, you could of heard a pin drop throughout the five halls. A great show of respect.


Cars aren’t the only attraction to the event, with motor bikes taking a partial bit of the spotlight, we took the time to look around some of our favourites.


Ford had a timeless display, each Ford GT40 they have made throughout the cars prestigious life, cumulating in the latest insane incarnation, we love the aero!


Bugatti displayed some classic race cars that have made them the giant auto makers we know today, complete with event stickers and battle scars. And a miniature version just for giggles.


Porsche attended the event this year showcasing a plethora of iconic models, race going and road pounding machines. They also had a vast accessories booth as well.


This Jenson Interceptor caught our eye, it had a fantastic spot at that time of day, the sun light shone through the windows above and the paint work glistened!


We ventured into the auction section to see what gems were up for sale, how about this Mercedes Cosworth EVO II which sold for a staggering £116,000 over the weekend, these can only be seen as investments at the moment.


The pride of motoring section had some meticulously maintained classics, a couple of Rally icons headlined the display.


We loved this widebody, track ready Cosworth Escort on the Burton stand!


On the subject of investments, how about the Ford RS200 made to compete in the world rally stage, a few had some road legal modifications when they left the factory.


Pauls Shorty MK2 was on display with a selection of weird and wonderful creations, this car has been executed extremely well!


Datsun fans may have a trouser accident when they see this stunning race ready Z!


We had our Caddy with us on display, we’re mega happy with the amount of attention our little caddy still receives! It’s became a part of our brand and we love it!


We had a great weekend at the show and enjoy watching as it continues to improve every year!

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