Protect your wheels – Mint Rims

Mint Rims is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s Auto Finesse’s wheel wax. It has a synthetic base wax, which suitable for high-temperatures, making it the perfect blend for those rims, helping to maintain specialists finishes and making future cleaning a breeze.

Mint Rims acts as a wax and a sealant which will protect your wheels from penetration of the elements or heat, keeping them in the best-possible condition.

Auto Finesse has developed and created the ultimate blend of high-temperature synthetic waxes and fast-flashing solvent carriers, to bring you the perfect seal for any wheel. The unique blend of ingredients ensures that your rims, shoes, hoops, whatever you want to call them, are protected from heat, corrosive brake dust, and oxidation. It has a respectable level of durability of around 2-3 months, and those figures are even application on performance cars that are regularly high-speed braking.

Mint Rims is suitable for use on any wheel finish, including bare-polished, chrome, anodised, clear-coat, powder-coated, and painted. We’d say the best times to apply would be before summer and before winter seasons, this will ensure fresh protection for the harshest changes in conditions. Naturally, Mint Rims wheel wax is a wax and layering it up will serve you well, so whenever you clean your wheels, try and apply another layer (if you have time). Pop your foam applicator into the pot and half-twist once – this should do one whole wheel. If you can (we know sometimes this is unrealistic), take the wheel off and do in-between the spokes, and behind. Once applied, the need for dedicated wheel cleaners is greatly reduced, and a pH neutral car shampoo is all that is required to bring back a sparkling fresh finish.

It’s also important not to overlook freshly re-furbished wheels, either. When your wheels come back from paint, powder-coat or polish is the perfect time to lay down a layer of Mint Rims wheel sealant!

Mint Rims is available in a 100ml tin

AF’s quick tips:

High-gloss finish repels damaging brake-dust particles.

Reduces wheel cleaning time and effort tenfold.

Suitable for use on all wheel finishes.

While the wheels are off the car, make sure to wax tighter areas such as behind spokes. This will help preserve your wheels and make sure you they always look factory fresh.

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