Pre-wax cleanser – Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate does exactly what it says, it rejuvenates paintwork back to what it should be, stripping it of any protection layers or contaminants. Why would you strip the car of any protection, we hear you ask?! Well, bear with us. Say for example you’ve just bought a car and you’ve no idea what it’s been treated with, Rejuvenate is the perfect product to cleanse the paintwork of any previously applied chemicals. Or, if you’d just like to start again with your protection layering, Rejuvenate will prep the surface for you ready for some application of Auto Finesse wax or sealant.

This glaze-based solution is designed specifically to enhance the effects of our signature carnauba waxes. It contains deep cleaning solvents and fine abrasives to remove stubborn contamination prior to a good waxing, helping to prolong the life of wax layers applied on top. It also helps to remove any really light swirling that may be present on the paintwork. It’s also a perfect base for our Tough Coat paint sealant, helping the sealant to achieve a higher level of depth.

The Auto Finesse Rejuvenate pre-wax cleanser can be applied by hand or by machine polisher. To apply by hand, we’d recommend using a microfibre or foam applicator. Just apply a ten-pence piece sized amount of the product to the cloth or applicator and work into the paint work with light pressure until the solution turns clear. It’s important to use small, overlapping circular motions working on a small area at a time (around 18 x 18 square inch). Once you’ve worked in the product into that area, buff off immediately using a fresh microfibre towel. For highest levels of gloss (or if you’re working on soft paint), use the black side of our dual foam pad.

If machine polishing, make sure you know what you’re doing! If you’ve no experience with a machine polisher then practice on a spare panel. Get one from a scrap yard, if you don’t have one. If using a Dual Action (DA) polisher, apply a ten pence piece sized amount of product on a light foam finishing or polishing pad again working into a small area. Use the lowest setting of the DA. Then move onto a moderate-high speed setting (4000-5000 OPM) overlapping your passes with light pressure. Once the residue has turned clear, go back down to the lowest setting for a couple of passes, then buff off the residue immediately using a fresh microfibre towel. If using a rotary polisher, use a light foam finishing or polishing pad. Follow the same principle, lowest setting then increase speed to a maximum of 12000 RPM until the residue turns clear. Again, reduce the speed to its lowest for a couple of passes and buff off using a fresh microfibre towel.

Rejuvenate is available as a 250ml bottle.

AF’s quick tips:

When using machine polishers; for maximum polishing performance, or when working on harder paint types, we would recommend a slightly firmer foam polishing pad.

Once the residue goes clear, buff off immediately with a fresh microfibre towel.

If applying by hand, highest levels of gloss can be achieved by using (or if you’re working on soft paint) the black side of our dual foam pad.

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