Pre-Wax Cleanser Guide

A bit about pre-wax cleansers

Rejuvenate is our pre-wax cleanser, and like all other good pre-wax cleansers Auto Finesse detailing products and car care Rejuvenate contains some light abrasives as well as glazes to not only deep clean the paintwork prior to the application of an LSP (last step protection), but to also enhance the finish beyond that of just simply washing and claying, it will also remove any light marring that may have been inflicted in the prior claying stages.

When creating Rejuvenate it was extensively tested with lots of waxes as well as our own car wax so, the ethos was to create a good deep cleaning paint cleanser thats not fussy to use, or to oily, but leaves a good finish.

The original and primary application method would be by hand with a medium foam or microfiber applicator pad, however as shown below and in the earlier linked thread its also capable of being successfully applied by both rotary and dual action machine polishes too.


How to use Rejuvenate, our pre-wax cleanser

Our test bed was a black bonnet which had standard swirls to replicate the paintwork that Rejuvenate pre-wax cleanser would be used tackling in day to day detailing:

rejuvenate, paint cleanser

And the line up:

rejuvenate, pre-wax cleanser

First test is to demonstrate Rejuvenate pre-wax cleanser by hand application. In this test we used a double sided foam applicator. When using a double sided applicator such as our Dual foam applicator we recommend the use of the white sponge for polishing. This will ad a bit more power the the pre-wax cleanser. Or alternatively you could use a microfiber applicator. A microfiber applicator will work just as well as a its all down to personal preference:

rejuvenate, paint cleanser

Small amount applied to the pad:

auto finesse car polsih

Worked in to the surface:

pre wax cleanser, polish

Briskly buff the residue:

rejuvenate, pre-wax cleansing, cleanser

Leave a decent result, not perfect but much improved for a single hit by hand:

working a pre-wax cleanser, polish

using a car polish


Next we demonstrate the results when applying Rejuvenate pre-wax cleanser with a machine polisher…

You will notice we moved the tape line along a few inches to make it a fair test. Small amount applied to a polishing pad:

pre-wax cleanser, polish, car car products

Spread and work through until clear ranging up to speed c (thats roughly about 1100-1200 RPM):

And the results:

car polish, detailing products

rejuvenate, paint cleanser

rejuvenate, pre-wax cleanser

rejuvenate, pre-wax cleanser, paint work cleaner

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