Goodwood race circuit and paddocks, Players and Airlift event, that can only mean one thing, yep it’s Players Classic again. We all know this is a show that doesn’t disappoint and always leaves you smiling after the show. With live track action, show and shine, food and drink and a great day out its one of the highlights on the show calendar. This year the track action was graced by Nicolas Hamilton who was in attendance with Monster testing his Audi A4 BTCC car, instant crowd drawer there from the Players guys.

We created a video as well for this event just to show you more about the atmosphere and a detailed look at the cars on display.

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This little british racing green Hillman Imp won a lot of trophies last year, we’re not surprised. It’s back this year with a fresh rebuild of the whole car, it looks amazing in person such a tiny body but with some awesome stance on those Ronal splits. This was car of show from one of the main sponsors.

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One car we rarely see at shows anymore is Dean’s awesome bagged Lotus Espirit, that low slanting nose, retro square lines and interior give this car a totally unique character to most cars. Add to together the shape with the stance and you get an angry Lotus that is lower than most things you will see on air. Running on a set of Compomotive splits the wheels suit the car well, but we do wonder how it would look with wider wheels and fitment! The car has also had an engine swap from an Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 24V V6 with custom inlet manifolds and Triumph 955i throttle bodies.

 photo J41A3874.jpg

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If you look back at our previous post (here) <<< Link this to eurosunday post. you will see we spotlighted a gorgeous E21 for being a complete perfect show build, in that paragraph we referred to the owners new car, well this is his latest project a flat grey BMW E30 with Airlift suspention, VIP modular VX210 wheels finished in a candy bronze colour, Aluminium seats with just pads for comfort and many other modifcations. Once again another astonishing build.  photo J41A3882.jpg

Nicolas Pritchard has been working away quietly on this gorgeous Ford Cosworth RS500 for many years giving the car a full rebuild from top to bottom. The car is absolutely immaculate, paintwork, bodywork, engine all original parts used and not a penny spared. The car is getting some subtle upgrades in the future so we are told. We look forward to seeing it next time.

 photo J41A3891.jpg

This Mercedes is straight up gangster, we have seen it at a few shows now over the past year, it resides in Belgium and always causes a scene when it arrives at a show over here. A rare piece of german engineering.

 photo J41A3893.jpg

 photo J41A4123.jpg

Zac’s Forge Motorsport MK1 has had a small transformation with some tasteful new stickers, but the biggest stand out is the addition of OZ Turbo’s with Forge blue accents. They really add to the car and give it a lower stance.

 photo J41A3897.jpg

Riivva Designs Audi A6 has had a new set of shiny Rotiform CCV’s that finish of the new shape Audi from these interior guru’s. With a total boot install, fully trimmed interior the Audi looks great in the sun!

 photo J41A3916.jpg

BMW porn here with Nick Sahota’s Fire Orange E30 M3 with Bugatti EB10 BBS wheels. Everybody knows the car but it still doesn’t stop people staring and just admiring the retro lines and perfection of this car.

 photo J41A3921.jpg

 photo J41A3922.jpg

One little MK1 that caught our eye was this, with some neat airbrushing on the bonnet and some great flake in the black paint, the wide arches tucking away a polished set of BBS RS’s. Nicely done sir.

 photo J41A3937.jpg

 photo J41A3939.jpg

One thing we did notice this year at Players Classic was the amount of new cars such as this bmw 4 series on a set of Rotiform CCV’s, looked great parked in the middle of the paddocks and a refreshing site to see something new, no doubt a future modifiable regular at shows like this.

 photo J41A3948.jpg

 photo J41A3949.jpg

One of the UK Dapper cars now, Hap’s minty fresh R32 with perfect fitment from the custom built CCW’s. This car has changed wrap more times than we have cleaned the cars. (ok maybe not, but you get the picture).

 photo J41A3950.jpg

This clean MK2 caught our attention with a special set of BBS the paint scheme worked well and added to the natural lines on the car.

 photo J41A3956.jpg

One of our cars of show was Nicolas Wlostowski Karmann Ghia, the car has had a fresh rebuild over the winter. Nico of 2polished builds custom split wheels and many other wheel based work. The roof was white contrast with a laced effect to match the bottom paint, three piece smoothie splits and a fantastic retro interior.

 photo J41A3962.jpg

 photo J41A3959.jpg

Jamie’s 1966 Cadillac Coupe De Ville looks awesome laid out in its own spot in a shaded area by the trees, it was a perfect setting for some shots, the car is so long, its absolute barge, but it looks awesome slam’d on the ground!

 photo J41A4076.jpg

Becky evans has switched up the infamous BMW E21 with some Rotiform BM1 wheels, giving us an 80’s throwback to BMW M1 Procar era, the wheels received mixed opinions at the show. It’s nice to mix things up and we were glad to see something different.

 photo J41A3975.jpg

 photo J41A4002.jpg

Bruce Holder arrived later on in the day in his insane Land Rover with John Ludwick all the way form the states in the passenger seat for his first show in the UK. John was greeted warmly by everybody over here who knows him. He is a huge car enthusiast and has his own impressive collection back home, including an awesome Patina’d slammed Corsair.

 photo J41A3979.jpg

Players Classic was another great show, probably one of the biggest mid summer shows in the car scene which is open to every marque of car, it really lets people see different cultures of cars come together and be appreciated.

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