New Product Launch

It’s exciting times here at Auto Finesse. We recently announced our big move into the premises, adding more than 8000 square foot of space. This increase of space has meant an increase in production, as well as the opportunity to develop some brand-new product lines.

First up, is LATHER SHAKES

Lather Shakes benefits from exactly the same formula as our much loved Lather car shampoo, but comes in three new milkshake fragrances, including Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry.

Make cleaning your car an altogether more pleasant experience this spring with our Lather “shakes edition” range. Lather’s wax and sealant-safe, super foamy car shampoo solution is pH-neutral and comes concentrated, so it can be diluted down to suit your needs. The more soiled your vehicle is, the more solution can be added to take care of the situation at hand. Lather aids in swirl-preventing lubricity along with a strong, effective level of cleaning power.


Have you been looking for a quick, easy way to incredible beading, without the use of sealants and waxes? Then why not give our all-new Aqua Coat product a go.

Aqua Coat has been specifically designed to revolutionise the way you wash your car/motorbike/truck… Whatever you drive, Aqua Coat is the quick and easy way to apply long-lasting protection and enhanced water beading to all exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, plastics and rubber, adding a protective layer of Si02 coating right at the wash stage.

This bubblegum scented formula is also super easy to use. Just apply while the vehicle is wet (following a good wash) and dry as normal. These results last wash after wash for up to 3 months.

Last, but not least, is RADIANCE

If you love the results of Carnauba wax, but hate the effort it takes to add coat after coat, well our brand-new Radiance product could be just what you’re looking for.

Auto Finesse Radiance is a T1 Carnauba wax-based crème formula that offers a deep, wet-look shine that’s associated with our hard-wax collection. This new easy-to-use crème formula is packed with T1-grade Carnauba wax, giving the product up to three months’ worth of durable protection.

Radiance is also suitable across all paint colours and finishes, too, including light to dark paints, metallic and even solid colours, making it an efficient go-to item in any detailer’s bag (from beginners to pro-detailers).

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