New & Improved Lather

A great product just got better

At Auto Finesse detailing products and car care we’re always striving to move forward and improve our detailing products wherever possible, using feedback we gather from the detailing community and our customers to identify exactly where we could make changes for the better. The most recent detailing product fom the range to have had a makeover is Lather our car shampoo, well actually more a progressive step forward than a complete overhaul, staying true to what we have always strived for in a car shampoo but doing so just a little better. In this day and age there are hundreds if not thousands of car shampoo on the market, “wash n gloss” “wash n wax” protective shampoos and so on, but a true detailing enthusiast wants something more, well often actually something less.

If you have taken the time to protect your car properly with a high end carnauba wax or paint sealant, the last thing you want is to be applying cheap glossing agents that cling on top and inhibit the car wax or paint sealant doing its job. This is usually the major misconception when people think a car wax or paint sealant has gone, it’s often infact not, its just hidden below a microthin surface of silicones and/or gloss enhancers contained in most common high street car shampoo.

This is where Lather car shampoo is different, it is designed to clean exterior surfaces that are treated with a car wax or paint sealant layer and to do so safely, without leaving anything behind but the car wax or paint sealant that was already there, doing so whilst offering great levels of lubricity that helps prevent inflicting swirls and scratches that are commonly caused during the washing and drying stages of cleaning a car.

The Ph-neutral formula has had 3 significant changes made to it, 1. Higher foaming abilities, whilst this adds very little benefit to a car shampoo it is visually pleasing to the end user and can help with encapsulating and carrying dirt & road grime away from the finish. 2. Higher concentration and cleaning power whilst remaining car wax or paint sealant friendly, the new formula car shampoo will cut through dirt and road grime more easily and also breakdown bug splatter and bird lime more effectively if needs be. 3. Added lubrication, this is a major advantage when dealing with a detailed car and trying to prevent inflicting swirl marks in the clear coat finish.

✔ More Lather

With the new and improved formula comes more lather. This was key when improving Lather’s formula. The greater foaming abilities now allow the dirt to be lifted and carried away with greater ease. Intern this will help create a safe wash experience helping minimise the chances of swirls in your paintwork.

To activate the suds add between two or three capfuls of Lather to your wash bucket which should be 3/4 full with fresh water. Using a garden hose with an attachment or pressure washer, top the bucket up with fresh water to activate the Lather foaming properties.


✔ More Lubricity

The next key aspect to the new and improved Lather formula is more Lubricity. The added lubricity works in conjunction with an ultra soft lambs wool wash mitt or detailer’s sponge. The combinations of these two aspects during a wash will help remove road grime safely and effectively.

This process can be made even safer by using the two bucket wash method when washing your vehicle.


Free Rinsing

As Lather still contains no gloss or wax enhancers it remains free rinsing.

The simple use of an open-end hosepipe or watering can after washing will allow Lather to rinse freely leaving behind no unsightly residue. The combination of Lather’s free rinsing formula and a free flowing water supply will also help you dry your vehicle more efficiently.


✔ Wax Safe

As any professional detailer or weekend enthusiast knows its vitally important for your car shampoo to be wax and sealant friendly. Therefore, when we was developing Lather‘s formula further we made sure Lather stayed car wax or paint sealant.

As before we tested undiluted neat Lather on a freshly waxed surface. Even in its most concentrated form Lather removed no wax from the vehicles paintwork.


As before Lathers new formula still carries the original Tangeriene fragrance, and no nonsence natural colouring. This makes Lather a must have in any detailers kit bag, both professionals and enthusiast alike.