NEC Classic Car Show 2014

We headed up to Birmingham for what’s dubbed to be the biggest classic car show in the UK as well as one of the biggest in Europe. The show plays host to everything from Classic race cars to the “modern classic” road car of the 80s and even 90s, dating right back to vehicles from 1920s and even classic motorbikes. When you go to a classic car show I’m sure you will notice the difference between how the cars are “detailed” or a lack of detail in some cases. This is our third year at the show and we are already noticing the increase of vehicles that have actually been properly detailed, as well as the amount of owners now understanding the meaning of the term “detailing” as we use it. Even some of the car dealers at the event had some extremely well prepared vehicles on display…

The Auto Finesse stand at the NEC Classic Car Show

auto finesse, classic car show, nec, detailing stand

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