Mike Edwards

Audi A1


IG: @miikeedwards_


Upvc Door Fabricator


Car Show Prep & Mainanance

A good snowfoam and 2 bucket wash as a standard along with auto finesse ultra glaze and auto finesse illusion for the paint! Windows polished with vision and satin applied to tyres. A weekly wash and regular top ups of auto finesse radiance

Car history

It all started when I went to ultimate dubs in 2014 when I saw the car audio security’s a1 on air and rotiforms.

Since seeing that I saved and got myself some cheap coilovers and a set of eta alloys and that’s when the addiction begun.

Since then I’ve changed from coilovers to air and also changed the wheels a few times over the 3 years . Other mods include xenon rear lights , roof painted black , xenonz rs grill and many other subtle mods.

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£8.95 Satin
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£22.95 Carauba Cremé
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£9.95 Finale
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