Lather: The pH neutral car shampoo

The Auto Finesse Lather wax and sealant-safe car shampoo features a blend of pH neutral highly-concentrated lubricants, which is a must-have for the ultimate swirl-free wash.

This formula has been tried and tested over the years and is our trusted car-shampoo formulation, which is safe to use waxes and sealant protections.

Together with a good car-wash routine, this translates into swirl-preventing lubricity, strong cleaning power, residue-free rinsing, and lusciously thick foam.

All this is why we’ve now added three new fragrances to the range. Auto Finesse Lather now comes in Chocolate Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake and Banana Milkshake, along with the original Citrus scent.

Available in 500ml, 1-litre and 5-litre measurements, this concentrated solution creates lusciously thick foam with strong cleaning power and residue-free rinsing.


Before any car wash, make sure to use our Avalanche snow foam first to rid the car of loose dirt and gritty particles.

Following snow foam, if the paintwork has bonded contamination, go over it first with our pre-wash Citrus Power.

Next up is the wash stage. Two buckets – one for washing and another for rinsing. Lather comes neat and will need diluting. For general use, we find two capfuls per 10-litres of water is a good place to start. If you have high levels of dirt, you’ll need more shampoo.

Add Lather to your wash water bucket and make sure to agitate it to your desired foam level. Start the wash from the top of the vehicle down. Wash a panel at a time using our Lambswool mitt, and rinse with a hosepipe or pressure washer before moving onto another.

Once the whole vehicle has been washed, dry with a microfibre drying towel, or forced air blower. Once dry, inspect for watermarks, and if present remove them immediately using our Finale quick-detailer.

AF’s quick tips:

Try to wash your vehicle every 1-2 weeks, or as needed to prevent debris from building up.

Don’t forget to rinse your mitt off in the rinse bucket to rid it of all dirt before starting a new panel.

If washing in heat or direct sunlight, make sure to keep the vehicle wet to avoid watermarks.

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