Kit Bag Essentials

What a true detailer must have with them at all times…

Whether your heading off to a car show or to your favorite holiday destination with the family, you want to be prepared for whatever detailing situation you may be faced with from exterior to interior. Our kit bag essentials guide gives you the rundown of the top detailing products our detailers wont leave home without.

1: Finale detail spray

A good detail spray is worth it’s weight in gold on the show field or just out on the road. From a quick wipe down when you arrive at your destination to removing an unfortunate bird bomb. Our Finale detail spray is the perfect choice, as it’s wax enhanced so gives a little extra in the gloss department, and it’s even suitable for glass and trim should you not have all your products to hand.

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2: Tripple

A good all in one polish is always a handy product to have with you at events. From adding a little zing to your paintwork or covering up some minor marring, to freshening up polished lips on wheels or chrome bumpers, Tripple all in one can do it all – in one.

polish, tripple, all in one, body polish, car polish

3: Essence wax

Our new “all rounder” wax Essence, has been making waves in the detailing scene and for good reason, a great balance between that oily spread of a show wax and the long lasting durability of high % carnauba wax, and its suitable for any paint type or colour.

car wax, essence wax, detailing products

4: Revive trim gel

Plastic trim and rubber componants can really lift the appearance of a car when detailed and dressed correctly but Revive can do more than just your normal trim dressing, a little known fact about it being an awesome tyre dressing makes it one of our must have products for the kit bag. Our Caddys tyres are often found wearing a coat or two of Revive on a show field, and it’s even suitable for engine hoses, rubbers and plastics too.

trim gel,kit bag, trim dressing, revive, car care

5: Crystal

Its a simple fact clean glass makes the world of difference, whether you’re posing at the show or driving it like it was built for, Crystal glass cleaner is a must have product for your arsenal. Bugs, bird bombs, and watermarks are a thing of the past with a simple spray and wipe.

glass cleaner, kit bag,crystal cleaner, detailing glass cleaner

6:The Handi Puck

Another new addition thats already found its self in our must have collection, we are strong believers in that a product is only half as good as how its applied, this handy little hand applicator has a 100 & 1 uses and can make everything from hand polishing through to dressing your tyres a simpler, cleaner and more effective process. Coupled up with the pad of your choice a small spot of hand compounding through to aggitation of interior cleaners is a more ergonomic experience.

handi puck, trye dressing, kit bag, tyre gel, detailing


Last but by a long way not least are Microfiber towels & cloths. It sounds stupid but we make a rule of having half the bag full of cloths and applicators and the other half with products, because the products are no good if you haven’t got the right equipment to apply them with. You would be amazed at how many people stack the kit bag out with all their favorite products only to forget the cloths. Most of the early customers to our stall at car shows are people who have forgotten their cloths or drying towels. So detailers dont forget those towels!

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