It’s all in the detail – Faz’s e30 M3

Hi Faz, thanks for your time!

No worries at all! It’s good to talk to you! Well, my name is Faz Ahmed and I’m the proud owner of Specialist Tyres, in Letchworth. I started the business back in 2007 after getting my tyres from a place in Luton. This garage was more of a back street garage; you know the type, changing wheels on the road etc. At that moment, I thought I could do the same thing but on a bigger scale and at a much more professional level. Together with good branding, I was convinced I could make a big name for myself. So that’s what I did. 10 years later we are a well-known established business offering economy tyres through to premium tyres for cars and vans, both locally and nationally.

And judging by your obscenely clean BMW E30, cars are clearly a passion of yours and not just a job.

I’ve always loved cars. Ever since I was a young boy. I used to help my dad fix his cars on the drive and chilling with my uncles who were big car enthusiasts with their Ford Sierra Cosworth, Escort Turbo, Renault 5 Gt Turbo, Vauxhall Astra GTE and the list of cars goes on. This BMW E30 is mine, but it was originally my brother’s. It was in a bad state when he had it, though. I bought it off him and was determined to transform it completely and do it justice.

Faz, it looks awesome! Can you run through what you’ve done to it for us, please?

Well, it’s a 1993 BMW E30 Cabriolet (one of the last ones in production). It started its life originally as a 325i with a factory M-tech Kit, but is now running a BMW E36 M3 Evolution 3.2 engine swap. Power output is at around 350bhp at the moment and it sits on Airlift V2 Air suspension and BBS RS 16-inch split wheels, complete with Falken rubber (all fitted by us here at Specialist Tyres). It has a set of 6-Pot DynaPro Wilwood disc brakes, shipped over from the US. A full stainless steel exhaust system was done by the boys down at Style Dynamics and it was fully resprayed in its original factory paint colour by RDB.UK, in Luton. The inside was fully overhauled by Lavish Automotive, bringing a full new interior re-trim and fresh hard top trim. The list goes on…

What services do you guys offer over at Specialist Tyres, then?

As well as supplying and fitting tyres for all makes and models, we also offer tyre stretching – a service that’s really popular car enthusiasts and wheel whores at the moment. We also do brake caliper painting – we can literally transform boring rusty brake calipers by bringing them back to life with some colour. We can refurb alloy wheels and powder coat, as well as diamond cut. All info is available at

Any tips when it comes to looking after and preserving tyres?

To preserve your tyres you should check the pressures regularly. Check the tyre tread, too, and make sure you’re not running on slick tyres with chords hanging out. That is, unless you fancy three points if you’re stopped, along with a fine of up to £1k! I personally check the above and finish it off with the Auto Finesse Satin tyre gel to keep them looking new and clean and without splatter when you drive. I even use it on some of my customer’s vehicles here at Specialist Tyres.

Your own personal favourite AF products to use on the e30?

My favourite Auto Finesse product from day one (which I was introduced to at a show called Dumpd, in Belgium, by head-honcho James himself) is the Finale quick detailer. I also love the Tripple all-in-one polish and Ultra Glaze. They just all add up to the best show shine finish. These are my top three products I absolutely live by and would highly recommend to anyone who wants that show car finish.

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