Gravity 2016 – Slammed UK

Slammed UK are becoming a large name in the UK car circuit, known for some great photography, kick ass merchandise and just being a general great bunch of guys. So we had to ask ourselves why they are only just debuting their first show, based at the NAEC Centre in Stoneleigh, we had seen the promotional content and we were certainly excited. The venue was a huge indoor arena split into two halls, one aptly named the VIP hall, naturally we were placed in here. The other was normal show and shine. We parked up, unloaded and then headed to our hotel ready for show day on the Sunday. As the venue opened its ticket booth the crowds starting pouring in to see the display of vehicles which have been detailed, polished and waxed ready to stun the paying guests.


Waiting for the adoring car fans, Ben’s perfectly appreciating NSX and this Mugen hardtop’d S2000. Both detailed perfectly, the vibrant red was definitely popping out in person and in the images. As we all know NSX’s are now seen as an investment, so we salute Ben for his recent purchase


Parked next to the Japanese pornography is the most recent of exports from the land of the rising sun, Adams GT86 fully equipped with a Rocket Bunny bolt on body kit, massive dish’d Works and an aggressive stance to finish it all off.


Deans Lotus Espirit has been stepped up even more this year, with an epic deep blue wrap, a set of custom three piece wheels and a genuine overhaul from what already was an iconic build. Remember this beauty has a Alfa Rome V6 hidden behind the glass in its mid engined lay out.


Was great to see the builds from Stephen Foxall and Thom Williams in person, they both built these cars themselves and its great to see the hard work and commitment put into both. Well played lads.


Jon Livermore walked away with a lot of trophies from the weekend with his stunning Evo, it’s not hard to see why, there is more carbon on here every time we set eyes on it.


Our trophy went to Mark Loony with his stunning Civic, everything about this car is flawless, he also walked away with best stance. A true beauty of car. The rice was strong at Gravity thats for sure.


We had some awesome cars on our display as well, Elmo’s Audi TT-RS, our BBS MK2, Sam’s MK2 and an Epic E92 BMW on Futura’s.


So finishing up our highlights from the main hall with some classics, this stunning Type 3 Squareback always blows us away, it’s great to see him using our gear to keep this beauty clean.


One car we hadn’t seen before was this as low as you like Ginetta, with a stunning bright green paint job and lots of clever touches.


Another trophy winner for best wheels was Lala’s 635CSI which just sits perfectly, codenamed Jaws we can see why.


The show also had an outdoor show and shine, it was a gorgeous day in the UK summertime with a nice selection of vehicles on display.


Moving into the other hall on site, this will filled with all sorts of automotive goodies from Drift cars to BTCC cars, it had everything. Take a look at some of our favourites below as well!


The show had a great variety on display which was nice to see, the quality was high. It must of been difficult organising a car show on the same day as some other well established names, but we think Gravity got it all right and we wish them all the best for next years show.

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