One of the first 5 products to hit the line up back when we launched the range in 2011 was Glisten, a detail spray that ended up being a bit “marmite” so efforts where made and the product was subsequently discontinued when superseded by a new more versatile detail spray by tube name of Finale, a similar yet more user friendly product. When our development team broke ground on the latest spray wax protector the name Glisten fitted the bill beautifully as the product added just that to any paintwork it was tested upon. So it’s back but in a totally different form.

Glisten spray wax has been developed with the time pressed detailer in mind or show goers that need something quick, easy and effective. Glisten is a polymer rich liquid wax that works in a simple spray and wipe fashion as shown in the below video. This year its all out shop truck come show car AKA “Project Caddy” will be wearing at events, Thats how much we believe in this product, we are not lazy honestly! but at shows we are often time pressed, with 5am starts and late finishes, all that after a hard weeks graft, creating, mixing, filling, labelling and shipping these wonderful products something that can be added quickly and easily fits the bill, especially when it can create a finish this good…

So you might ask what else can it do, well, if you already have a coat of wax, be it one of our hand crafted hard waxes or a coat of Glisten for that matter on the vehicle you can apply this at the wash stage whilst the vehicle is still wet. Dry the car as per normal and the results are staggering. Water behaviour (beading) like no other, and a depth of gloss rivalled by only some of the best show waxes on the market.

A 500ml bottle will treat your average car (3series BMW) around 10-20 times and the protection from each coat will last 3-6weeks. If thats not long enough for you we always have the more durable, Essence, Tough Coat, Desire or Power Seal but for those who love cleaning their car regularly Glisten should be a welcome addition to the range and might even earn you a bit of your Sunday back.