Fitted UK 2016

A vast indoor arena, bustling shopping centre a stones throw away, located in the city centre next to countless famous landmarks and some epic cars. What more could you want than FittedUK’s show at Event City in Manchester. This is the third instalment of FittedUK showcasing some of the best cars from around the country, usually nestling into Wetherby Race Course, after out growing that location the quirky team decided to up root and head to something better and much, much bigger.


It’s safe to say the halls had an abundance of space, that was never going to be an issue. One thing the team at FittedUK always seem to get right is the layout of cars on display, allowing visitors space to walk around and photographers to get that perfect angle for that killer photograph.


Whilst setting up the stand on the Saturday pre-show, the indoor cars were rolling in. We did notice the abundance of beetles that were going to be show & shining on Sunday. Each one fantastic in its own unique way, thats the beauty of these air-cooled machines, you’ll never find two the same.


The event had it’s very own VIP room where a varied selection of cars slept for evening on the carpeted floors, it had a mixture of air-cooled vehicles and modern day of rocket ships. This stunning split screen VW bus blew us away with the amount of detail put into the build.


We’re not sure if the colour on this Scirocco is a wrap or paint but it certainly popped in the dark lit room. A higher rung on the quality ladder is this immaculate Aplina E21 with full livery, period interior and a squeaky clean engine bay.


One of the rocket ships on display was this Merlin Purple Audi S8 air’d out on a fully polished set of WCI wheels. What an amazing colour!


Richard Lines had been around for a good few years now in the car community, every car he builds had a crazy amount of detail. The Leon is no different, every inch of this car is cleaned to concours level with countless aftermarket parts and unique touches.


Rory Hamilton’s Mercedes graciously collected a Top 25 trophy, the car occasionally moonlights as a wedding car, we can see why, what a baller way to rock up to the biggest day of your life.


Jack Smith’s MK1 always looks perfect, sitting on those 1552 formula 348’s. The glossy blue paint looks phenomenal as usual.


3 wheelin like a boss.


The show was busy on event day, we were rapidly selling out of products, some of our display boxes looked rather lonesome at the end of the day.


Moving out of the VIP Hall and into the main event arena we were greeted by rows of successful show & shine applications, these varied in quality. Take a look at some of the vehicles on display.


This aggressive looking A6 gained some fans as passers by were drawn into its evil glare and mean stance.


The stands that lined the show halls had a lot attractive shiny automobiles repressing there brands. The colours of the vehicles really pop in these indoor show arenas.


One touch we personally loved was the platforms installed by the Fitted team, it really made the heavy hitting cars stand out from others, the cream always rises to the top that’s for sure.



We have all seen on the internet but the controversial Lupo certainly did what it was set out to do Split opinion, many hate the look and don’t understand it. Others hate it and have made this very clear over social media. Let us know your thoughts on ‘that Lupo’.


Tom Lillico’s Z3 running original Diablo wheels always looks flawless, with the latest addition of the spoiler on the back.


Another top 25 winner was Sam Johnsons VW Caddy, with a unique Mini dashboard and those copper barrelled BBS it certainly stands out in a crowd.


It was nice to see a section of Motorbikes in the show, they didn’t attract many people but it’s always nice to have something different to look at and appreciate the workmanship.


The main attention grabber, stage left was this DTM spec’d Audi R8 Racecar. It looked impressive on the podium.


It must be special event to get the worlds first new shape Jetta coupe over to England. Even 6 months on from its launch the work involved in making this, leaves us in awe.


Some rice managed to find its way in amongst the german bratwurst, not that we’re complaining when examples such as this RX7 grace the halls.


Richards porker has a few new looks, different wheels and a couple more authentic gentlemanly features. We absolutely love this thing!


The final podiums were taking up by several show stopping cars, Edwards wide body E36 touring and Aaron’s EK Civic. Both are flawless and deserve the plinths they were displayed on.


The shine from the Wilz E36 was amazing, considering this car is a daily it is immensely clean.


FittedUK for us had everything and more, location, cars atmosphere and good times. Well done to the FittedUK team for putting on a fantastic show.

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