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Car Show Prep & Mainanance

I prep for car shows with a snowfoam followed by a good wash with lather. I dry it off with the drying towels and then polish it with the 3 stage kit (if it hasn’t been polished for a while). I’ll finish it off with a coat of ultra glaze and illusion. for general maintenance, always clean off any bird poo as soon as I can! The same applies with mud. I’ll make sure I snowfoam and wash it with lather and then apply radiance to keep the shine up.

Car history

I bought my car the year I could drive after having a ride in a classic mini and started modding it straight away with a new interior.

Over the years of owning it I’ve gone down the route of trying to build a dedicated stance look mini as this is the look that really got me into cars. I’ve tried to achieve this with wide 13″ wheels, custom 4-way air ride, debadged and clean bodywork, to name a few.

My love of cars comes from reading fast car magazine and looking on the Canibeat website. That’s what really got me into the whole stance scene.

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