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Introducing Caramics from Auto Finesse


The Caramics ceramic resin wipes make coating application simple with a pre impregnated wipes, ensuring you apply the correct amount of product to the surface without cross contamination.

12 Months

Advanced coating technology tailored to each surface, offering unrivalled levels of protection and durability for your entire vehicle.


Caramics coatings offer an easy care solution for every surface of your vehicle, from paint to glass, wheels to leather and fabric upholstery.

Grade Finish

The Caramics system offers professional results and long lasting ceramic protection you can apply at home. Complete with all the items you need to coat each specific surface of your vehicle including: preparation products, coatings and easy to follow step by step instructions.

Ready for everything life throws at your car


Long lasting ceramic protection for your paintwork. The ceramic resin bonds to paintwork offering unrivalled protection, beading, and boasts easy to clean properties designed to keep your vehicle looking better for longer.


Long lasting ceramic protection for all wheel finishes, from powder coated to diamond cut, satin/matte and high polished metals. With a simple spray and wipe application designed to help your wheels stay cleaner for longer.


Long lasting ceramic coating for exterior automotive glass and windscreens with an ultra hydrophobic, easy clean coating for better vision in all weather conditions, leaving your glass cleaner for longer.


All you need to coat every surface of your vehicles cockpit, from leather upholstery to cloth seats and carpets. The built in repellent and anti dye stain technology will help maintain your interiors finish with ease.