Enhance the appearance of your vehicle

Our most popular treatment. An extensive detail, including single stage machine polishing treatment to get paintwork looking at its best. Includes the paint enhancement process to increase paintworks depth & gloss and reduces the appearance of swirl marks and other minor paint defects, making this detail suitable for new & used vehicles and those that want a huge improvement on the vehicles over-all finish.

• 18 stage two-bucket wash using 100% sheepskin mitts
• Wheels cleaned, front, back and inside, with ‘gentle’ wheel gel
• Wheel arches cleaned by hand and protected
• Paintwork decontamination with clay, to remove bonded contaminants
• Hand-dried using ultra soft microfibre towels
• Paint enhancement process, using finishing abrasives applied by machine polisher
• Paintwork cleansed with pre-wax treatment to aid the bonding of wax
• Super-premium carnauba wax applied to all painted surfaces, OR
• Professional grade paint sealant applied to all paint work
• Chrome and stainless steel trim cleaned and polished
• Wheels waxed with PTFE/wax/sealant coating
• Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber preserver
• Door seals and rubbers treated
• Interior cleaned, vacuumed and leather conditioned
• Windows cleaned and polished, inside and out

Enhancement detail from £495.00
1-2 day booking

*Please note that all prices shown are for guidance only, as no two commissions are the same. Price dependent on model of car and condition, all prices reflect the amount of time spent.