Ben Rye

’57 Oval Beetle


IG: @oldrag57


Co Owner of HR Autoworks


Car Show Prep & Mainanance

I find on my car being black and also quite dull in a few places from being 60 years old that the tripple is a good start and I then go over that with the finale.

Can do that on mine when I get to a show and just gives it a much fresher look for minimal work.

Car history

over the years I’ve owned many vw’s, lots of vans which were a good laugh for traveling in, had a couple of mk2 golfs. The last golf I bought was just so I could drive it to vw days and then sold it.

My oval is I guess the keeper but who knows. 2015 I bought the car from holland and then began to restore it, air ride parts and wheels were all built by myself before HR really became a thing.

The car has one more look I’m going to try out soon which will be updated as soon as possible.

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