Auto Finesse: Crystal

Streak-free glass is a pain in the backside – let’s face it – we’ve all come across products that seem to put more streaks in than actually get rid of them. Well, our glass cleaner Crystal is on another level, it doesn’t just relieve glass surfaces of any streaks or those dreaded fingerprints, it even fills in any light scratches that might be present.

Available in 250ml, 500ml and five-litre bottle options, there’s an option for everyone; professional details and beginners alike.

The Auto Finesse Crystal formula is part of our range of car detailing products made in the UK and consists of a smear and residue-free concoction that is suitable for all glass, sensitive tints and polycarbonate or acrylic windows (often used on racing cars).

As it is highly-concentrated, you don’t need to use massive amounts, either. It also has a specific finely-balanced blend of mild solvents that have been readily distilled – this basically means it makes pretty light work of any greasy residues that might be on the glass, lifting them for a clean streak-free finish. It’s a product that should be in anybody’s stash of car detailing supplies. When it comes to car cleaning products we’ve developed an effective blend between high-powered cleaning, while being gentle on parts.


Depending on how you’ve been using your car, windows don’t usually get too soiled with mud, so you shouldn’t need to do too much of a wash before using Crystal. If you’ve been off-roading, however, a light wash with our Lather shampoo or an all-purpose cleaner might be useful to rid the surface of any obvious grime. For glass that is lightly soiled (light finger prints or greasy films etc) you can go ahead and just use Crystal straight away. Start on a glass panel at a time. Spray a light mist over the panel (3 sprays should do it) and buff off immediately using a good-quality microfibre cloth. Turn the cloth over then buff off for a final finish. If there are still issues to the glass (maybe soiling was more than initially thought etc), repeat the process but allow the product to sit on the glass surface for a little longer before completely wiping and buffing away.

For added protection and longevity, Auto Finesse Crystal can be used together with specific glass sealants.

AF tips for use:

Smear and residue-free.
Highly concentrated and finely balanced with distilled solvents.
Suitable for all glass, sensitive tints and polycarbonate / acrylic windows.
Effortlessly removes fingerprints and greasy films.
Can be used in conjunction with glass sealants.
Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

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