Five minutes with Aaron Gemmell

If you didn’t know; Aaron Gemmell is the owner of this gorgeous 1999 Honda Civic EK4 that you see sprawled across this page. We thought we’d find out a bit more about the car, as well as his favourite car care products to use:

So (for those who don’t know) who is Aaron Gemmell?

My day job is a property maintenance worker and I’m also co-owner of (an online car accessory shop). I’ve always been into cars – not your typical super cars etc. – more the modifying side of it. I started owning old Fords, but moved into the Jap scene a few years ago. I also run a bagged BMW E93 Msport.

Tell us about your Civic?

I’ve had the Civic for four and half years, now. I bought it as a run around, after having a driving ban lifted. I started off by cleaning it up and doing a few modifications to it, and then the snow ball effect kicked in. A full respray, custom wheels, hydraulics, full custom re-trim, smooth bay, three engines etc. It’s now running a turbocharged B18c4, producing 330bhp, with a tucked and smoothed engine bay built by Street Function Garage. The interior has been fully re-trimmed by Lavish Automotive, using Recaro CS seats, an EK9 dash and a whole lot of leather and Alcantara. The paint is a few years old now, and due to being arch-to-lip too much and civics being made from scrap metal, it’ll need work soon. It looks clean to the eye, thanks to awesome products, but next on the list may be a colour change. At least all the smoothing has been done already! My favourite part of the car is the aggressive fitment, made possible with hydraulics and wide wheels.

How do you prep your car before a show?

Before a show, I always try and get the long jobs and interior out the way. I wash it with a heavy dose of Auto Finesse Lather, run over it with a clay bar, polish it with Auto Finesse Tripple (unless it needs machining), and then finish it all off with a few coats of Auto Finesse Illusion wax. I clean and condition the leather, using Auto Finesse Hide, and work in an interior quick detailer on the plastics and vents with a hog hair brush. I finish it all off by brushing the Alcantara down with a stiffer brush.

What’re your favourite products?

My favourite car care products to use are Auto Finesse Total (this has got me out of a few ‘sticky situations’), Auto Finesse Crystal (which I even use to do my windows at home), Auto Finesse Illusion Wax, and the Auto Finesse Crew bag (it’s so handy and holds everything I need).

Any top tips for maintaining an aspect of the car?

My top tips would be, don’t put tyre shine on before a show, be prepared (don’t wait until a show to do it all), and simply maintain your car all year around.

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